So is this some sort of strip nightclub con? – vegas community forum

I happened to be searching on Tinder and discovered a girl’s visibility that said she BEST is seeking men to go to a remove nightclub together with her along with her girlfriend (ladies are not allowed to submit strip groups alone). We contacted the woman and so they wished to see inside the reception at my hotel and leave from there from inside the no-cost limo into club. I chickened away but discover all of them on fb. They are real and obviously do this typically.

Is this some scam? Could the remove dance club outlay cash for taking dudes into the dance club? I possibly couldn’t determine what their position was.

She wants you. She likes your.

How many other objective could there come to be?

” (girls are not permitted to enter strip clubs by yourself)” Really? Ought to be an american thing.

This past year I was in LV with my buddies in addition they are playing poker near to a “promoter” whom provided all of them a limo drive, free of charge admission, and complimentary liquor from inside the limo as long as they decided to the Spearmint Rhino. We handed down the opp as a cost cutting approach not to ever read gorgeous 19yr olds lady parts but the facts presented correct and additionally they have everything provided. get them.

You may get the free of charge limo etcetera simply by phoning and asking for one, they what is chinalovecupid get your $$$ when you’re when you look at the pub!

It’s been a lot more than several years since I’ve gone to a nightclub but a ban on females getting into alone just does not seem best. The ACLU is perhaps all over Vegas, i cannot think about they might let this happen without hard.

Unsure in the event that men and women their conversing with are legit or otherwise not, but I have seen in which women aren’t let in unaccompanied at some places. Something to carry out with wanting to hold back escorts. Run read some pub recommendations online and Yelp and you will see lots of angry lady with practiced this.

Most likely wise to opt of something you didn’t feel good about.

I am able to 100per cent assurance unaccompanied women can be prohibited in remove bars. The groups thought these are generally prostitutes picking right on up the slutty dudes.

I understand exactly about promoters acquiring cost-free limo adventures and entryway nevertheless these comprise hot girls that rode on club along with you (she have several clips on Facebook). I can’t figure out what she have from it. Unless she just likes chilling out at remove bars?

I understand previously most of these stuff has happened, as well as the subjects have slipped a mickey and wake up the next day in a number of dump of a hotel with a renal lacking. They take you someplace for the kidney to sell about black-market. They see a lot of money for a kidney.

But, go on and just don’t drink everything.

I really don’t question your appropriate about unaccompanied girls.

Still being rejected admission to a pub centered exclusively in the potential which you “might” end up being a prostitute is just the kind of thing that companies like the ACLU frequently challenge. We are all familiar with the ACLU’s operate in Vegas, it simply appears like the type of thing they would deal with if caused to do this.

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