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BROWSE YOUR BIBLES”the word-of homosexuality can be discussed by the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Study within Bibles or consult with your clergy. Come across yourselves, My little ones, a humble, pious clergy. Lots of have actually fallen away from the belief.” All Of Our Woman, October 6, 1992

PASTORS KEPT RESPONSIBLE”We keep the pastors of My personal child’s residence, We hold all of them as being responsible for the fall of your children. End up being ye cautioned now, My personal youngsters, that woe for the people who’s this obligations upon their conscience and his soul. Scandals are produced inside lives of your own young ones. Perversion, homosexuality, immorality, perverted intercourse, My personal children-where shall your quit but on abyss!” The Girl, December 7, 1977

AN ABOMINATION”Man shall perhaps not condone evil or rationalize sin. Homosexuality is an abomination for the sight of goodness and people! The inventor condemns those people that don’t repent of the sin.” All Of Our Lady, August 5, 1977

BLACK CLOUD OVER THE UNITED STATES “inside times of Sodom, very also were guys offering themselves to all of the joy with the skin: eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage. All method of sinful lusts are now being committed. Males shameful with boys, girls casting away their own part of motherhood and lusting after female. Whilst was at the occasions of Sodom, now so is this black colored cloud over The united states.” All Of Our Lady, July 14, 1979

SODOM: “anyone DESTROYED IT” “while the great problem now of homosexuality inside country, that will probably be in the stability that Michael holds. Unless this stability was evened by detatching this wicked from your own country and generating only laws avoiding the spread of homosexuality, you simply cannot be saved; their nation should not be protected. Because we returning once again, when I posses recurring in the past: When a nation gave itself up to immorality and all of delights for the tissue, and abominations of tissue, subsequently that nation will drop! Should you not believe Me, My personal kids, We say: You certainly will review your record e-books, and you may figure out there was actually a Sodom and Gomorrah. And exactly what performed We do to that abominable city, Sodom? We ruined it! And exactly what performed We do in order to Gomorrah? We destroyed it! Therefore we damaged all whom wouldn’t proceed with the plan for their unique redemption.” Jesus, November 1, 1985

SIN: FORERUNNER OF WAR”For sin is obviously a forerunner for combat, My personal girls and boys: murders, persecutions, robberies, all ways of sins associated with flesh, homosexuality, lesbianism, perversion, sodomy. Sodom and Gomorrah decrease at a lower price sins than you have got committed now upon your own earth. Noah took to your ark as well as the community was a student in a much bgclive messages better state spiritually than your own globe now; individually have acknowledged a complicated method of sin, centered on mans thinking and never Jesus’s facts.” Our Very Own Lady, Oct 2, 1979

a COUNTRY”Any nation which enables homosexuals to roam in order to entice the students will be damaged.” Our Very Own Woman, June 30, 1984

EDITOR’S REMARK: wicked is accelerating while the Anti-Christ forces were gaining electricity worldwide. After persecution begins, all Christian sites on the net might be obligated to nearby. Make sure to need in your possession all of the following things: the Bayside Prophecy publications, Bayside Medals, Douay-Rheims Bibles, the security packages, candle lights, Sacramentals, and Religious courses. Purchase these materials today while they’re nonetheless available! You will definitely urgently require them from inside the era in advance. Additionally, you can easily print out all PDF documents your Directives from Heaven and all of the Bayside Prophecies. Duplicate the woman’s emails plus the Directives from Heaven today while they are still readily available! Pray to your Holy heart for knowledge and guidance on how to cook today and also for the period ahead of time once the Antichrist try expose. Viva Cristo Rey!

Place a Crucifix on the exterior of back and front home. Really the only security against terrorists. Jesus – “Pray and don the sacramentals. And, also, My kiddies, I ask you to answer again to put a crucifix upon your own home. Both front and back gates will need to have a crucifix. We say this to you personally since there is going to be carnage in your segments, which will move you by if you keep crucifix upon your doorways.” (6-30-84) (Testimonies of schedules and house stored of the crucifixes.)